Lions CB Bentley done for the year with ACL tear

We all knew it didn’t look good when it happened, and on Tuesday the news we feared was confirmed. The Lions have lost CB Bill Bentley to a season-ending ACL tear, according to the Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett.

Bentley was seen after the game in the Lions locker room hobbling around on crutches after being carted off the field in Monday night’s opener vs the Giants.

The Lions are already extremely thin in the secondary, so this injury only makes matters worse. One possible solution would be to sign Champ Bailey, who worked out for Detroit last week. Immediate possibility is CB Mohammed Seisay or CB Nate Ness from the practice squad. Stay tuned to DSN for updates on the Lions injury situation.


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detroit lions

64 thoughts on “Lions CB Bentley done for the year with ACL tear”

  1. Some of you are really dumb. They did add secondary in the draft. He is the guy who took over at Bentley got hurt. You may not have seen him because he played well

  2. Bentley hasn’t shown squat in 2 yrs. Surprised he made the cut. He has gone from outside to nickel and still gets beat and penalized regularly. Never want to see anyone hurt. Let’s find someone to back us up and see what Lawson has

  3. 3rd year, hurt more often than not. Classic underachiever, sorry about him getting hurt but there has got to be better out there somewhere.

  4. Newsflash people. If champ bailey still had something left, he would be on a team already. He has been cut by TWO teams this offseason, is 36 and has a lingering foot injury. This is not Madden. He is done.

  5. Ken Roseberry.. First two rounds.. I’m with u there unless we can find a stud DT in the second round to replace suh

  6. Wonder if they will pic another tight end in the next draft? Now will you adress the defense only been saying this for 5 years now

  7. good DBs are at a premium. if chump bailey was any good he would be with a team already. I’m very concerned with our defensive backfield now.

  8. Having three tightends helps out our offence defences have a hard time to match up to us so our cb is gone we be fine we gonna score so much don’t matter plus we will get champ

  9. His career is over three consecutive years what a waste. this will bite Martin Mayhew in the butt, for not drafting Justin Gilbert

  10. Dennard and Clinton-Dix BOTH gave up more catches and points than Darius Slay or Lions’ rookie Nevin Lawson. Score: Lions: 2 – Know-It-All Fans: 0

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