Lions’ CB Jeff Okudah reveals why he took himself out of Sunday’s win over Cardinals

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Detroit Lions

We have all heard it a million times before. The major difference between players in the NFL and college players is the speed and overall level of shape they are are in.

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Well, Detroit Lions rookie CB Jeff Okudah will vouch for that as he admitted after Sunday’s win over the Arizona Cardinals that he had to take himself out of the game because he was so exhausted.

Here is the play. As you can see, Okudah asks somebody to replace him, drawing some choice words (we are sure) from head coach, Matt Patricia.

Then, in the series following his first career interception, Okudah was so tired that he crouched over on the sidelines and eventually needed oxygen before he could return to action.

Following the game, Okudah was asked about why he took himself out of the game and he admitted that he was just exhausted and needed a break.

“I was pretty exhausted,” Okudah said. “This is a high-octane offense. I just needed (a break), honestly.”

Okudah had better get in shape quick because things will not get any easier as the Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and the New Orleans Saints will invade Ford Field this coming Sunday.

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