Lions fans file lawsuit over right to resell tickets; should it be legal?

ScalpersMultiple Detroit Lions ticket holders have filed a class action lawsuit claiming police are unlawfully ticketing people who are trying to resell their tickets on the street. At the same time, lawmakers are tying to pass a bill to make the same action legal.

Detroit attorney Neal Brand, argues that police ticketing fans trying to resell their tickets is a form of harassment.

“There’s this squad of police officers out there trying to harass people who try to resell tickets,” Brand said. “There are many, many people who have pled guilty to this … It’s a shakedown or a cash grab. How hard is it to find two ticket holders waving tickets in the air?”

Brand claims the police are trying to get around the law by ticketing people trying to resell their tickets because they do not have a vendors license.

Two of the plaintiffs include a father and daughter from Utah who never even sold their tickets, but were fined because “police unreasonably suspected that they may sell them,” the lawsuit states.

While this lawsuit is going on, lawmakers are working on House Bill 4015, a bill that would eliminate a ban on the resale of tickets for more than their face value. The bill itself was proposed by Republican Rep. Tim Kelly of Saginaw.

Matt Brady, a public relations consultant for Michigan Ticket Fairness, presented a statement from University of Michigan-Flint economics professor Mark Perry. Perry does not see any problem whatsoever when it comes to reselling tickets.

“There’s nothing troublesome, problematic or shady about two willing individuals agreeing to a price for a product and engaging in a completely voluntary transaction. It happens millions of times every day when Americans buy and sell homes, cars and stocks, or bid for baseball cards” said Perry.

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It should be very interesting to see how the courts rule on this case because it could impact every Detroit sports fan who wants to attend a game. If reselling tickets become legal, scalpers are sure to come out of the woodwork to snatch up as many tickets as they can before a big event.  If you are in the business of reselling tickets this the passing of House Bill 4015 would be great for you, but if you are just a fan trying to get into a game it could be costly.

What are your thoughts on this Nation? Should reselling tickets for more than face value be legal or should the current law remain in place? Let us know your thoughts on this controversial situation.

(Image Via: Detroit News)



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