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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Lions’ GM Bob Quinn comments on potential Darius Slay contract extension

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Lions’ GM Bob Quinn comments on potential Darius Slay contract extension

Heading into training camp, one of the biggest questions for the Detroit Lions was whether or not Damon Harrison and/or Darius Slay would get the contract extension they desired.

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As we know now, Harrison was given a 1-year extension, meaning he is now locked up through the 2021 season.

On Thursday, Lions’ GM Bob Quinn talked about why he felt it was important to reach a deal with Harrison.

From Detroit Lions:

“Damon is a great player and it was something we talked about all offseason,” he said. “We felt like it was a situation where we wanted to do that to solidify our defensive front and have him here for a couple more years.

“I thought looking back at that trade it was a great trade for us. He wasn’t completely happy with the contract he signed in New York a couple years ago, so we had some conversations and we found a middle ground. It was good.”

But what about Darius Slay? Will he end up getting an extension as Harrison did?

From Detroit Free Press:

Quinn declined to say whether Slay still could get an extension this summer.

Asked what it was about Harrison’s situation that allowed the Lions to strike a deal while Slay has had to wait, Quinn said, “Every contract negotiation is different. It’s a different player, it’s a different position, it’s just a different scenario. They’re all different.”

Nation, do you think Slay will ultimately get his extension?

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