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Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell Talks Progression

When the Detroit Lions brought in Caldwell he made it obvious right away that he was here to win, and win now. After training camp ended today, Jim Caldwell was again asked about his expectations on the upcoming season from the Detroit Lions. “As always, our expectations are that we’re going to field a team that has the right kind of Lions DNA, and that’s a smart, a fast and a physical team. We expect you to see that out on the field; a team that doesn’t hurt itself from a mental standpoint, we don’t beat ourselves. But you’re going to see a team that is highly physical that can run and cover and certainly do a good job of putting points on the board because we are and should be an explosive team. But we also should be a really good defensive team as well. Those are the things that we expect.”

Coach Caldwell was also asked about the progression of Matthew Stafford and he had nothing but positive things to say about it. “He is getting better. His command of the offense has been good. As a matter of fact, I sat down with him last week and I said, ‘you look like you’ve gotten a pretty good understanding.’ I could see improvement everywhere from footwork, to accuracy, timing, and command of the offense, all of those things. So now we get a chance to see if he can put it all together, add a few more things and keep progressing and then get some real challenges from our opposition as we start preseason.”

Coach Caldwell has done nothing but say the right things since he’s come to Motown. I for one, am excited for this season to get underway as one of the biggest things the Lions were lacking was the killer instinct that he and the new coaching staff all have. They also needed to have discipline asserted into their system and that is one of the primary factors in Jim Caldwell’s regimen.

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