Lions QB David Blough thrilled for his wife, who is headed to 2020 Olympics

While Detroit Lions backup quarterback David Blough is training for the upcoming season in the Dallas area, he’s joined by his wife Melissa Blough (who uses her maiden name, Gonzalez, when she runs as a 400-meter hurdler). She’s also in training for her upcoming competition representing Colombia at the 2020 (in 2021) Summer Olympics.

“We’re so proud,” said Blough. “Everybody is — and I know she’s going to feel that.”

Gonnzalez has already demonstrated her lightning-like speed, setting the Colombian national record for the women’s 400-meter hurdle 2019 South American Championships in Peru in just 55.73 seconds.

You can bet that Blough is on edge while watching his spouse compete.

“Way worse. Way worse than running out through the tunnel on Thanksgiving or in any game I’ve ever played in,” Blough responded when asked how he was when she’s running. “I’ve seen the work that she’s put into it, and I want so bad for her to be successful. I want so bad for her dreams to come. What she’s achieved now is kind of what she’s been running for every single time she’s taken the track. We wanted it so bad. And I just wanted it for her.

So what’s worse – just under 60 seconds as a fan or a three-hour NFL game?

Blough: “We’ve had that conversation. I think, at least, she gets a few breaks (watching me) if the defense is out there or it’s not crunch time quite yet.”

Gonzalez: “It’s probably pretty close.”

Blough: “It’s probably pretty close. I guess when she runs in Tokyo, I’ll experience it more than I ever have.”

– – Quotes via The Athletic Link – –