Matthew and Kelly Stafford give back to hurricane relief efforts

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As we all know, the Detroit Lions recently signed quarterback Matthew Stafford to a five-year $135 million deal, and he is already putting part of it to good use.

While Stafford’s wife, Kelly, was working the phones at the Local 4 telethon, the newly crowned highest-paid player in NFL history called in to make a donation. Stafford donated $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and another $25,000 to Hurricane Irma relief efforts. The Lions signal-caller joins a long list of athletes and teams who have donated to the hurricane relief efforts through the Red Cross, United Way, and other organizations.

The flag-bearer is Houston Texans’ defensive star J.J. Watt, who has raised over $30 million through his foundation, while Lions owner Martha Ford donated $1 million to the Red Cross. Other notables are Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, who donated $10 million, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who donated over $3 million, and Houston Rockets’ guard James Harden, who donated $1 million.

I’m sure many out there will question whether Stafford gave “enough” considering the size of his new contract, but really, in a situation like this, when so many people are hurting, any amount is enough. Every dollar counts, and yes Stafford has a lot more than you and I, but he is also doing a lot more than you and I. Ok, maybe not you, I cannot know for sure. I know I make nowhere near what Stafford makes, but I make enough that I should have donated something… and I haven’t, yet… What’s that saying about throwing stones and glass houses? Yeah…

If you would like to put your money where your mouth is, you can donate to the Red Cross here. Like I said, every dollar counts.