Lions try out some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters ever

No matter whether you believe in Santa Claus, just about everybody can agree on this: the main reason this time of year is so great is because you can wear the ugliest sweaters and still look presentable when you’re out in public.

And thank goodness for Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and his sister Ngum. Because the siblings gathered up a collection of Christmas sweaters and gave them to all the Detroit defensive linemen Monday so the group could take possibly the ugliest (and most awesome) photo in club history. Though that group photo hasn’t been released, apparently a few onesies were spotted, as well.

And luckily for us, the Lions official website was there to capture a few images, as you can see above.

You know what would be even better, though? If somehow we could convince the league to allow teams to wear ugly sweater jerseys for one game each year. I mean, if it’s good enough for minor-league hockey squads, it’s good enough for the NFL.

Although Suh is a self-proclaimed introvert, he knows how to have fun with his teammates. Last year he hosted multiple movie screenings, inviting the entire team. This season, he has been stocking the defensive line room with tubs of gourmet popcorn from Chicago.

Suh wasn’t available for comment on Monday, but even if he had been, he probably wouldn’t have had anything to say about the Christmas sweaters. He prefers to keep his interactions with teammates private.

“Things that happen in our locker room and things that happen (behind) our doors, I’m always going to keep it there,” he said last month when asked about the popcorn. “I’ve always had fun playing in Detroit. I look forward to continuing to have fun with this team, at all levels — whether that’s with my defensive linemen, the defense, the offensive players, it’s always fun.”