Lions vs Cardinals TV Coverage Map

If you’re a Lions fan, I sure hope you either:

1) Live in Michigan

2) Live in Arizona

3) Live in the Pacific Northwest

or 4) Have NFL Sunday Ticket / RedZone

If none of those apply to you, you might want to plan a trip to your local watering hole for a matchup between the NFC’s top two teams on Sunday afternoon.

The highly anticipated matchup between Lions and Cardinals will only be seen by a small portion of the country, as FOX is choosing to make the game between Philadelphia (3rd in the NFC) and Green Bay (wouldn’t be in the playoffs if they started today) the “Game of the Week”. Below is the coverage map:


The red is where viewers will see PHI @ GB, the purple is where you will see DET @ ARI. Click to enlarge the image.

Did the NFC’s 2 best teams get snubbed? Or is there just not enough interest in a matchup between the perennial letdown (Lions) and the Drew Stanton-led Cardinals?


2 thoughts on “Lions vs Cardinals TV Coverage Map”

  1. Well …. I live in MICHIGAN and won’t be getting the Lions coverage of the game on TV. It really sucks if you live in the U.P. and being a die hard Lions fan and there are plenty of us up here. FOX bites and so do the Packers.

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