Lions Vs. Chiefs 9/18/11

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1PM: DETROIT LIONS VS KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Ford Field; Televised live in Metro Detroit on WWJ-TV CBS Ch. 62.

All signs are pointing to another Lions win this week.

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The Lions are facing a Chiefs team that is coming off of a crushing 41-7 loss to the Bills, meanwhile, the Detroit’s offense put up 27 points on Tampa Bay’s defense behind 305 yards passing by quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Ford Field is expected to be electric today.  Lions Coach Jim Schwartz is of mind that the louder the home field, the better.  “Well, we need that, I mean, that’s part of the home field advantage—snap count, audibles and things like that. It’s not just the energy of the place, I mean, the energy is important and the cheering, the emotional lift that you get from a home crowd is important, but really more effecting the game going on a 40 second clock or 25 second clock and having to communicate in different ways. Maybe one of their eleven doesn’t get a check or doesn’t get a call, that can be a catastrophe and that’s where our crowd can affect it.”

The Chiefs had the top rushing offense in the NFL last year, but they hadn’t faced this new Detroit defense. Coach Gun has his squad ready. From Cunningham, “Well, they’re kind of an interesting team. You say run… It’s an unusual style. First of all, those two backs are really good, and I was there with Jamaal (Charles). I used to try to get him as a cornerback. He’s full of life and a great player, and I have the utmost respect for him. Their running game is very, very different. It’s not normal; it’s a lot of one back stuff and the problem that they present—it could be second-and-15 and he’s going to run the ball and try to gain it. He had more 10-yard-plus carries, I think he had 45 last year, you know. We just got through playing the last one – the kid down in Tampa had 25-30 (10-yard-plus carries) you know, he was second in the league on it. So, the biggest challenge for us is that they have Dwayne Bowe, he’s a great player; they have Jamaal (Charles) and Thomas Jones, you know, those guys can get it. And the quarterback’s a good player. They’ve done a great job and we’ve got to understand what kind of game we’re up against.”

The Chiefs starting safety Eric Berry is out, which is a devastating loss to that  KC Defense. Berry, like Suh, was a was a Pro Bowl rookie last season and his absence will be felt.

The Lions Defense gives the edge in this game, and the break neck speed of this game with both teams working no huddle for a good part should make it for an interesting one.

Here’s coach Gun on whether the Chiefs’ no-huddle offense will create problems with the rotation of the Lions’ defensive line: “Well, the good part is we run a ‘fastball’ offense here and that’s all we play against every day. To me, what we did against Tampa, the tone was that we were going to outrun them and I think we outran them. As a matter of fact, (towards) the end they had to take the quarterback out because we ran so hard. So for us, we know how to do those things.

 “I can never say this enough, but that head football coach of ours is exceptional; he is one fine football coach. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my boss and a very dear friend of mine; I have the utmost respect for him. He is on things like I can’t believe. I sometimes wonder how he’s developed this far that fast. We practice every situation we can; he puts us under the gun constantly. At the end of the Tampa game, he was really upset and he carried over and let all of us know what happened. We didn’t feel like we won the game – nobody here did; players, coaches, we knew what we had to do. We have a lot more work to do to become the kind of team we want to become and it’s his leadership that’s doing it.”



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