Lions WR Jameson Williams is a ‘breakout candidate’ for 2023

Despite a limited workload in his rookie year, Jameson Williams, the Detroit Lions‘ 12th overall pick from Alabama, showcased his explosive speed and potential as a game-changer. Injured during the National Championship game, Williams was held back by the Lions until Week 13 of the 2022 NFL regular season and never saw more than three plays designed for him in any game. However, his ability to force defensive adjustments, even with a restricted pitch count, made it evident that he has the potential to become a significant factor for the Lions in 2023 if given a full-time role.

Key points:

  • Williams' rookie year was treated like a redshirt season by the Lions
  • Limited workload due to injury and strict pitch count
  • Williams never saw more than three plays designed for him in any game
  • Explosive speed and potential to become a game-changer for the Lions' offense  
Jameson Williams Detroit Lions

The Big Picture – Jameson Williams' potential impact on the Lions' offense  

The Lions had a solid offense in 2022, but they lacked a true game-changer who could take over a game. Williams' potential impact on the offense is immense. With his blazing speed and agility, he has the potential to become a nightmare for defenses, opening up space for his teammates and making the Lions a more dynamic team. The Lions will look to make significant improvements in their passing game in 2023, and Williams could be a key factor in achieving this goal.   

Jameson Williams by the Numbers

  • Williams never played more than 20 snaps in a game in 2022
  • Williams never had more than three plays designed for him in any game in 2022
  • Williams was drafted 12th overall by the Lions in 2022
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Despite limited playing time, Williams' impact on the field was evident in 2022. His speed and potential make him a valuable asset to the Lions' offense in 2023, as they look to take the next step as a team.  

The Bottom Line

The Detroit Lions have been lacking a true game-changer on their offense for some time. However, with the emergence of Jameson Williams, they may have found the missing piece to take them to the next level. While his rookie season was limited, his potential impact in 2023 is immense, and the Lions will be looking to maximize his abilities on the field. As Williams continues to develop, Lions fans can expect to see an even more dynamic offense in 2023.

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