10 ways to get in shape while watching the Detroit Lions

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Oh, thanks for coming.

I would like you to take a minute or two and estimate how much time you spend watching the Detroit Lions in a given season. Do you watch every game from start to finish? If so, assuming the average game is around three hours, that’s 48 hours spent sitting on your couch, probably while eating and drinking your weight in junk food. I know that’s how my Sunday’s are often spent and it got me to thinking.

First of all, this is NOT one of those stupid articles urging you to give up Lions football, because those are stupid (crap, I may have written a couple of those during my time at DSN.) Giving up Lions football is not an option for me and if you are a true fan, it’s not an option for you.

That being said, maybe we could be doing something to help ourselves get in shape while still watching the team we love.

So, here is a fun little list of 10 ways to get in shape while watching the Detroit Lions.

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