DSN’s Bold Detroit Sports Predictions for 2017

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As we know, 2016 was not the greatest of years for Detroit sports. The Pistons and Red Wings both lost in the first round of their respective playoffs, while the Tigers fizzled out in the end and did not make the playoffs at all. Michigan State football and basketball both had letdowns when it mattered most and Michigan, despite getting off to a great start, lost to Ohio State in the biggest game of the season. In fact, the only ray of light left is the Detroit Lions, who still have a chance at doing something special, though nothing is guaranteed.

Will 2017 be a better year for Detroit sports? Only time will tell, but it sure can’t be much worse, or can it? Most sports fans like to give their predictions on the future and the writers at Detroit Sports Nation are no exception to that rule.

So, without further ado, here are DSN’s Bold Detroit sports predictions for 2017. We hope you are sitting down as we go through our Bold predictions on a team-by-team basis. Since we love you, we even threw in a few non-Detroit Bold predictions at the end!

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