MUST SEE: Top 10 Fights from the Red Wings vs. Avalanche Epic 1997 Bloodbath


As I was browsing Twitter I came across a piece in the Detroit Free Press titled, “March 26, 1997: All 9 fights between the Avalanche and Red Wings.” Even though I am not the biggest hockey fan in the world, I am most definitely a fan of a good hockey fight, especially if said fight involves the Detroit Red Wings.

What was really cool is that FREEP used a site I had never heard of called Drop Your Gloves as a source. The site tracks and gives stats on hockey fights, including each and every fight (including the epic brawl) that took place on March 26, 1997, between the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche.

As I browsed the site, I realized there were actually 10 fights that took place on that unforgettable day.


Trusting the opinion of the powers that be at Drop the Gloves, let’s look at how those 10 fights ranked from worst to best. Can you guess which fight came in at No. 1 on the list?

It’s time to let the fighting do the talking!

10Rene Corbet (Col) vs. Kirk Maltby (Det)

Duration: 0:04

Winner: Draw

Fight Rating: 1.5

9Brent Severyn (Col) vs. Jamie Pushor (Det)

Duration 0:20

Winner: Draw

Fight Rating: 3.1

8Adam Deadmarsh (Col) vs. Vladimir Konstantinov (Det)

Duration: 0:15

Winner: Deadmarsh

Fight Rating: 4.7

7Mike Keane (Col) vs. Tomas Holmstrom (Det)

Duration: 0:18

Winner: Keane narrowly

Fight Rating: 5.1

6Adam Foote (Col) vs. Brendan Shanahan (Det)

Duration: 0:45

Winner: Draw

Fight Rating: 5.2

5Brent Severyn (Col) vs. Aaron Ward (Det)

Duration: 1:05

Winner: Severyn

Fight Rating: 5.4

4Adam Deadmarsh (Col) vs. Darren McCarty (Det)

Duration: 0:15

Winner: Deadmarsh

Fight Rating: 6.3

3Uwe Krupp (Col) vs. Jamie Pushor (Det)

Duration: 0:27

Winner: Draw

Fight Rating: 6.7

2Patrick Roy (Col) vs. Mike Vernon (Det)

Duration: N/A

Winner: Mike Vernon

Fight Rating: 9.7

1Claude Lemieux (Col) vs. Darren McCarty (Det)

Duration: N/A

Winner: McCarty destroyed Lemieux

Fight Rating: 10