This little Red Wings fan will warm your heart

Sometimes in a world full of undesirable events and people, we all need a little pick-me-up, and honestly, no one more than professional sports fans.

Tuesday night, when the Detroit Red Wings beat the Chicago Blackhawks 8 – 6 to go up 5-0-0 on the preseason, (now currently 6-0-0), there was a heartwarming moment at the Red Wings’ tunnel. A young fan reached over from his seat to high-five players as they left the ice, and he got more than just five up top.

As he left the ice, Thomas Vanek handed his stick off to the kid. The look of joy that spreads over his face is enough to make anyone’s heart burst. But just when he thought his night couldn’t get any better, another stick pops up from the tunnel for the child to take.

So what’s a young hockey fan to do with two sticks used by Red Wings players? Well, hand one off to another fellow young fan, of course. In a selfless move, the child hands the extra stick off to another young fan nearby, making his night complete as well. If this is any indication of the future generation of Red Wings fans, then I’d say we’re in good shape.


The Detroit Red Wings’ next Captain should be…

The players I believe are in the running to become the 37th Captain in Detroit Red Wings’ history are Dylan Larkin, Darren Helm, Niklas Kronwall, and Frans Neilsen.

The player I see as the next captain for the Detroit Red Wings for the 2018-19 season is LW Darren Helm.

Helm, who is entering into his 12th season with the Red Wings, has proven to be a more versatile player year in and year out with his ability to play both wing and center, while also being a key contributor in the team’s success (which they haven’t had much of in recent seasons).

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Written by Nathan Webb

Bleeding whiskey and maple syrup, Nathan is an avid Red Wings fan who fills his lack of interest for other sports with even more hockey. Born and raised in Warren, MI, he's been in the thick of Red Wings culture since day one, and views the game from an analytical and objective standpoint. (@TheSarcastrophe)

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