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Teams, Drafts, LIV Golf is Different to Say the Least

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LIV Golf

Matt: LIV golf. I don't understand why there's so much of an irritant. This is not the same as the PGA. There are different events going on. In the LIV golf tour, you have team captains with crazy names. 

Phil's team name is the High Flyers. They had a frickin' draft to pull players in, which you've got the individual events at the same time. You've got team events like this. This is what I'm saying, this isn't what you're getting from the PGA. 

You're not doing this in the PGA. The only time you have team events in the PGA tour is when it's the Ryder Cup or the President's Cup, situations like that. Otherwise, it's every man for himself. And that's how golf is. This is mixing it up. It's not giving you the same thing. Why is it a problem? 

AJ: And we love the team competitions in golf, right? This LIV tour seems like it's going to be making golf attractive to people who are not like us. People that love golf. Like I literally brought my putter downstairs tonight, so I could put a few on the carpet before my outing on Saturday.

But this makes golf more attractive because golf is fun. Golf can be fun. And it's not necessarily as fun when it's just birds chirping in the background. Everybody's gotta be quiet. We got to hold ourselves still. 

What's so great about the Ryder Cup is it's like a college football atmosphere in a place that is not known for having a college football atmosphere. It's also why the waste management open is so awesome down in Phoenix. Because you got The Stadium 16th, right? Where it's a par three and everybody's going nuts. 

And these “not cool” golfers, get to act like, you know, raising the roof. Like Tiger Woods when he hit his A's and he's raising the roof, like 10 years after that was cool. So it's one of those things that is just going to be good for the sport. And I am very excited because they kick off this week, do they not Matt? 

Matt: They do. Yep. It is kicking off this week in London. I think it's actually starting tomorrow. Oh no. Now they do. Remember we talked about this. They do 54 holes, not 72. So is it Thursday to Saturday or is it Friday to Sunday? 

AJ: That is a good question. I think we're going to have to figure that out. But there are individual team events and you have four captains, right? Or 12 captains. I'm sorry. 12 captains of teams of four. So 36 players. The captains were Phil, DJ, Sergio, Oosthuizen, Ian Poulter, Martin Kaymer, Kevin Na, Graeme McDowell and Talor Gooch. How do you say it? 

Matt: Talor Gooch. 

AJ: I haven't actually, to be honest. 

Matt: You ain't heard of Talor Gooch, who's been around for a while? 

AJ: So as you mentioned, Phil's team is the High Flyers. Listen, these guys had to have picked these names because it's like fantasy football, right?

This is fantasy golf, but in real life. Phil's the High Flyers. DJ’s is the ACE’s GC. Oosthuizen, only selected players from South Africa, his home country, and they are the Stinger GC. And then Poulter followed suit and only selected English golfers. Of course, he only selected English golfers and they are the Majesticks GC spelled Maje with the actual sticks word, Majesticks golf club.

And that team includes Lee Westwood as well. And I hope that the English team's pants are the British flag. Because you know Poulter would wear that. So I hope that he makes everybody on his team wear the British flag on their pants.

Matt: That would be fantastic. Everyone dressed like Ian Poulter, that would be so much fun. I know Lee Westwood's down for it. He ain't got a problem. Lee Westwood is one of the Kings of accepting and having fun in golf. 

Especially later in life, he had his wife on the bag and stuff. He just really enjoyed it much more.So I'm all for that. I would love that because nothing is better for golf than ugly pants.

AJ: No, nothing. John Daly has built a company out of it. Let's talk about Lee Westwood. He might be the player that I am most disappointed with, never winning a major.

Matt: He's been close too. 

AJ: I know. Heartbreak Hotel, man. hotel.

Matt: Very close. So, it is Thursday through Saturday. 

AJ: So when do they broadcast? Do they have the time for the broadcast?

Matt: You're in London. So, it's going to be a little early for those on the east coast. And it's going to be really early for those on the west coast. Because if they're teeing off at 9:00 AM in London, You are talking about 4:00 AM.

AJ: That's 3:00 AM here.

Matt: Yeah. Three or 4:00 AM on the east coast. Actually, you know what? Cool. And the west coast, you’re good. You’re just getting done with your night. You get to go home. You turn on live golf. Perfect. 

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