Local Detroit Lions blogger blasts Jared Goff, says he ‘is a bum’

On Sunday afternoon, the Detroit Lions moved to 0-6 in epic fashion as they were dominated by the Cincinnati Bengals 34-11 at Ford Field.

Though there are plenty of players (and coaches) to blame for the embarrassing loss, Lions QB Jared Goff is certainly at the top of the list as he missed open receivers right and left and right. In fact, there were plenty of times where Goff did not even see an open receiver running free, but instead through the ball into coverage.

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During the latest Pride of Detroit POD podcast, blogger Jeremy Reisman was clearly pissed as he called Goff a “bum.”

“Jared Goff is a bum,” Reisman said on the podcast. “I'm sorry, I don't even like using that word but he sucked! Sucked, sucked, sucked!”

So far this season, Goff has completed 66.8% of his passes for 1,303 yards and seven touchdowns to go along with three interceptions. He has also fumbled the ball multiple times so far this season.

Sunday was Goff's worst game as a Lion but do you agree with Reisman that he is a “bum” or is that a bit harsh?

Personally, I think Goff had a bad game, there is no arguing that. But to say he is is a “bum” is a bit harsh considering he is missing his two best offensive linemen and does not have a single wide receiver that could make the Rochester High School varsity team.

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Nation, what do you think?

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  1. Young fan(atics) are so used to instant gratification and 24-hr. sports-world infatuation that perspective sometimes gets lost.
    From my first Lions game in ’60 I understand SOL mentality. This is first TOTAL rebuild from ground-up and I have faith in new regime. My take is different (and a minority opinion). Ownership has 3 years to assess regime strategy, generally the time of having Goff available with his contract (2021 being year 1). (1) 2022 and 2023 bountiful draft picks (with potential moving up or down) and potential free agents must add 6 top-flight starters for 2023 and 2024 seasons (with extraordinary upgrade to receiving corps for 2022 season with a defensive line and linebackers consisting of strong and quick pure animals by 2023 season. With the improving cornerbacks, hopefully Okudah can return next year and, if healthy, possibly move to safety position. (2) It is too early to write-off Goff. This year was not going to look good no matter the quarterback and line injuries and speed-challenged and unsettled receiving corps made matters untenable. While flashy and fan-favorite, drafting a quarterback in first round is always risky (Long, Harrington, Ware), especially when Lions have so many needs. Unless they get an available gift from the gods through the draft, trade or free agency, I would not use a fist round draft pick until the 2023 draft (Lions did do well with Landry and Stafford). Ideally, Goff will have time to prove truth worth in 2022 and tutor 2022 draft pick quarterback during 2023 season. If Goff can show promise of early Rams tenure, the 2021-2023 Goff period could set the Lions up for 2023 and forward golden age similar to 1952-1957. Whenever the Lions do go after new quarterback, they must get quickness of foot and speed at first acceleration. As good as arms were Landry and Stafford, lack of quickness meant the loss of 2 games per season in Stafford’s case. 3) Finally, DEPTH, DEPTH, and more DEPTH. One reason so many people enjoy the NFL is the perception that the difference between winning and losing an individual game in a season of only 17 games can be measured by plays made (or not made) in so many discrete situations, compounded by the effects of seemingly random injuries. I know it’s hard to think in terms of a 3 yr. time horizon to hit respectability and 2nd-round playoff run, but we have no choice but deferred gratification. Just a few thoughts from the peanut gallery.

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