LOOK: 3 Former Detroit Lions tryout for XFL

The AAF came and as I predicted, it did not last a single season.

Now, it’s the XFL’s turn to prove they can survive in a country where the National Football League runs the show.

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In 2020, the XFL will take another swing at establishing themselves as a legit football league and tryouts for that league have already kicked off.

So far, there have been a pair of Summer Showcases (Houston and Dallas) and a trio of former Detroit Lions were on the invite only list to get a shot.

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Those players are DT Khyri Thornton, and CBs Ian Wells and Sterling Moore.

Altogether, the XFL will hold eight Summer Showcase events.

From XFL2K:

The Showcase was split into four areas:
Position Drills
  • QB: Passing Accuracy, Arm Strength, and Football IQ
  • RG: Balance, Vision and Acceleration
  • WR: Catching Ability, Athleticism, and Body Control
  • TE: Short-Area Quickness, Blocking Ability, and Pass Catching
  • OL/DL: Body & Foot Quickness, Play Strength, and Overall Athetic Ability
  • LB: Instinct Awareness, Strength & Point of Attack, and Burst of Acelleration
  • DB: Reaction Quickness, Play Speed, and Burt to Close
X Factor
  • Innovative testing with wearable technology to measure key football and position-specifc movements; including acceleration and deceleration.
1-on-1 Drills
  • Position-specific exercises designed to demonstrate performance against an opponent.
7-on-7 Drills
  • Game simulation drills without linemen to test football instincts.


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