LOOK: Attempt to implode Pontiac Silverdome an EPIC FAILURE? [VIDEO]

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On Sunday morning, at 8:30 a.m., the first step of demolishing the Pontiac Silverdome was set to take place, and that’s exactly what happened…kind of.

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Though most in the surrounding areas of the Silverdome were able to hear an explosion that resembled a roar of thunder, reports are surfacing that though the attempt was a “success,” the former home of the Detroit Lions was “built a little too well.”

From WXYZ.com:

Construction crews said the implosion worked exactly as planned.

Crews placed explosives in steel beams, which did break off.

However, the Silverdome was “built a little too well,” officials say. 

“We just have to wait and let gravity do its job,” officials say. “It’s going to collapse, we just don’t know when. 

Via FOX 2:

The first the blast is supposed to break the metal beams supporting the upper ring of the dome, which is a 20-foot steel band that held up the equipment used to inflate the roof. Then, each vertical beam surrounding the Silverdome will be broken when a small charge detonates, causing the steel ring to fall to the ground.

Crews will use hydraulic excavators to take care of the rest of the structure in sections.

A total of 1,800 tons of rebar and 1,700 tons of structural steel will be recycled at the city’s Ferrous Processing plant. 

The process is expected to take about a year to complete.

Not surprisingly, a plethora of trolls hopped on Twitter to take a shot at the Lions.


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