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A look back on the Magic Man’s career – Video Highlights of Pavel Datsyuks NHL career

Call me nostalgic. Watching Datsyuk dance on the ice was just as pretty as watching any master at their craft do what they do. It’s no different than watching Barry Sanders bob and weave his way through the mass of bodies in front of him, only to pop out the other side untouched and unimpeded towards the end zone.

I found this gem on YouTube today while browsing around – it’s a bit long, but the time flies as you watch the Magic Man do his thing on the ice.


Pavel Datsyuk has done it all…

Let’s face it… We’ve seen it all from Pavel Datsyuk – “The Magic Man”, throughout his 14-year career: breathtaking goals, incredible defensive plays, stunning passes, even a couple of fights.

His trophy case is also quite impressive.

He won the Selke Trophy three times (awarded to the best defensive forward in the league), the Lady Byng trophy four times (awarded to the player who best demonstrates sportsmanship), and once won the Bud Light Plus/Minus Award for good measure. Of course, there are two Stanley Cup championships to be included in there as well. In celebrating his amazing career (whether it’s over or not), let’s take a look at the top ten moments he has given us.

Check out our top 10 moments from Datsyuk below…



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Top 10 Pavel Datsyuk moments [w/ Videos]