FIGHT NIGHT! Red Wings’ Luke Witkowski throws haymakers with Minnesota’s Nick Seeler

Let's face it, the 2017-2018 Detroit Red Wings have left much to be desired, especially when it comes to wins. They currently sit well out of the NHL Playoff picture and it seems like a foregone conclusion that Red Wings fans will be without postseason hockey once again.

But that does not mean there have not been some exciting moments during the season and one of those moments came on Sunday night as the Red Wings squared off against the Minnesota Wild.

Watch as Luke Witkowski of the Red Wings and Nick Seeler of the Wild try their best to take each other's head off during the second period.


Chris Ilitch mum on Red Wings GM Ken Holland’s future

It’s not a matter of if, but when for the Detroit Red Wings when it comes to being eliminated from playoff contention for the second consecutive season, a phenomenon that at least two generations of Red Wings fans have never experienced in their lifetimes.

While in Lakeland, Florida at Joker Marchant Stadium, Red Wings and Tigers owner Chris Ilitch refused to answer questions about general manager Ken Holland while discussing Tigers general manager Al Avila. 

Asked point blank about a potential extension for Holland, Ilitch brushed the question aside and tried to keep the focus on the Tigers

“We, of course, have 11 operating companies that we’re involved with, the Tigers and the Red Wings being two of those,” Ilitch said. “Today, I’m in Lakeland, Florida. This is spring training for the Tigers. So, I’m happy to talk to you about the Tigers and really want to keep the focus today on the Detroit Tigers.”

Once again, Ilitch was asked about Holland and whether or not he was wanted back for another year as general manager. Once again, Ilitch avoided the question and tried to keep the conversation focused on the Tigers.

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