LOOK: Lions’ Darius Slay calls out LeBron James for latest ‘superstar’ treatment

We get it, NBA superstars will ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt. It has happened forever but at what point do we draw the line an start calling the game the way it was intended to be called?

But no other star seems to get away with as much as LeBron James does when it comes to traveling with the basketball.


During Monday's win over the Philadelphia 76ers, James hopped, skipped, jumped, walked, and strolled his way to a layup…AND HE WAS NOT CALLED FOR TRAVELING!!!

See for yourself.

In case you have not noticed, Detroit Lions cornerback Darius Slay is not afraid to tell it how it is and that's exactly what he did when he saw the LeBron no-call.

Slay was not the only one to hop on Twitter to comment on James latest ‘superstar' treatment.

To be fair, LeBron is not the only NBA player to get away with traveling but it sure seems like he gets away with it more than anyone else.


4 years ago today, the Detroit Lions did what now seems unimaginable

Thanksgiving 2013, the day our beloved Detroit Lions accomplished a feat which now seems unimaginable.

It’s tough to remember for many of us but on that beautiful day (fine, the high was only 28 degrees but hear me out), the Lions took the field against the hated Green Bay Packers in what turned out to be a severe butt-whooping in favor of the Motor City Kitties.

In fact, by the time all was said and done, the Lions had won the game 40-10 behind 330 yards and three touchdowns from Matthew Stafford.

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