LOOK: Michigan football uniforms get ‘Oregon’ makeover

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“On Saturday, Oregon will wear uniforms that look like actual Ducks. That got us thinking: What if Oregon was in charge of revamping some of college football’s most iconic unis?”

That is the question posited by ESPN on Friday as they did a featured piece showing illustrations of major college football programs and their “Oregon-ized” uniforms. Texas, Alabama, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma, and USC all get the revamped treatment by Ryan Froose, Sam Ho, & Robb Harskamp. 

Also in their redesigns, the University of Michigan’s traditional uniform receives three new alterations. For those who love the old school unis, you may hate these new ones. But for those who like to see things spiced up a bit, take a look below at ESPN’s redesigns of the classic Maize and Blue:

[All images credited to ESPN and Ryan Foose, Sam Ho, and Robb Harskamp]