LOOK: Miguel Cabrera lends helping hand to Venezuelan youth team

It has been well documented the turmoil Miguel Cabrera‘s home of Venezuela has been under lately. Combine with a very un-Miggy like season in 2017, and one can start to see a correlation.

Bad seasons and political tension aside, Miggy is making sure the kids are taken care of. With the political unrest in Venezuela, the national under-10 baseball team was forced to miss a regional tournament in Mexico. Until this point, the team has already had to miss three games, earning a forfeit, according to the Associated Press.

Enter Miggy.

Miggy made sure to get the boys to their games in the tournament, flying the team from their home to the tournament. They responded by thanking him in a tweet:

The Tweet translates to: “The selection of # 🇻🇪 (says) to @ thanks! For your support…we will be in the Pan American SUB-10 👏👏 ”

The team is still awaiting a decision on the forfeited games, according to the WBSC’s website:

Officials from the Venezuelan Baseball Federation said: “The federation is very grateful to Miguel Cabrera — a baseball hero on and off the field — for his valuable support in helping realize the dreams of our kids.”

Competing teams are awaiting a final decision of WBSC’s Americas arm — the Pan American Baseball Confederation (COPABE) — on the revised tournament schedule/standings, and whether Venezuela will have to forfeit any past games.

Good on Miggy for taking care of the kids. Because, if we don’t take care of the children now, can we really trust them to take care of the future? Best of luck in that tournament boys, we’ll be cheering for you!

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