CLASSLESS! Penn State uses Flint water crisis to troll Michigan’s QB situation

This coming Saturday, Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan Wolverines will invade Penn State in what is sure to be one of the most important football games of the college football season. Not surprisingly, fans from both sides have already begun talking trash and it is sure to continue right up until game time. As you can imagine, some of that trash talk has been funny and some has been Rated-R.

Those fans will have even more of an opportunity to talk smack as ESPN's College GameDay has announced they will be in Happy Valley on Saturday morning. In case you are not familiar with the College GameDay scene, the talking heads discuss the upcoming games, while fans (mostly from the college hosting) hold up some pretty creative signs that take a shot at opposing schools. Some of the signs are hilarious, while others come very close to crossing the line.

That being said, it is probably pretty safe to say that not one sign on Saturday will be as classless as what you are about to see from the Penn State faithful. As you can see, they are comparing the Flint water crisis to the quarterback situation at Michigan.

Check it out.

Now, I have to be 100% honest. Very rarely do I get offended by anything, let alone some trash talking from an upcoming opponents fan base. But, I have to admit that this particular display by what I assume to be Penn State students, definitely crossed the line.

Fans in disagreement with the classless move by the Nittany Lions supporters have already begun tweeting their displeasure and taking shots back. This happens to be my favorite response so far.

Let's hope that Michigan goes out on Saturday night, gets their offense going, and stomps the Nittany Lions on their home turf.