LOOK: Vikings WR Stefon Diggs to wear cleats featuring Detroit rap legend


When Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs trots out onto Ford Field on Thanksgiving Day to take on the Detroit Lions, he will be doing so in some slick, custom-made cleats that just so happen to feature a Detroit rap legend.

As you can see below, Diggs cleats will feature Detroit rap legend, Eminem and his movie, 8 Mile.

Seems kind of odd that Diggs chose to wear these cleats against Eminem’s home team, but they sure are sweet!


Top 5 Matthew Stafford late-game heroics

Matthew Stafford has been many things for the Detroit Lions over his roller-coaster career, but the one constant has been his ability to drop jaws by dropping dimes in the direst circumstances. And the circumstances have often been dire for the only quarterback drafted by a 0-16 team. Tasked with pulling the Lions from all-time ineptitude, no moment has ever seemed too big for Stafford’s right arm, which has no equal.

Without a run game, a respectable offensive line, a decent coaching staff, or even a salvageable defense to fall back on for the majority of his career, Stafford has had plenty of opportunities pull Detroit from the brink and he hasn’t disappointed. In fact, the NFL’s undisputed comeback king has made the unbelievable so routine, picking just a handful of his greatest late-game magic tricks feels almost as daunting as the comebacks themselves.

And subjective.

Oh. So. Subjective.

My list will not be the same as yours. It is, after all, a personal and unique reflection on the emotional whirlwinds our cardiac cats often take us on.

Stafford will continue to beat the odds in big moments, late in games for the remainder of his career. Heck, he’s as good a bet as any to add another to his showcase this Thanksgiving against the Minnesota Vikings, with the NFC North up for grabs. But, right now?

This is my personal favorite collection of times Stafford transcended to hero status.

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