Los Angeles Lakers Poised To Make Shocking Hire

We woke up to some very surprising Los Angeles Lakers news!

The Los Angeles Lakers, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, are reportedly setting their sights on UConn’s Dan Hurley as their next head coach. Sources from ESPN reveal that the Lakers are preparing a substantial, long-term contract offer to bring the back-to-back NCAA national champion to the NBA. This strategic move aims to revitalize the Lakers’ storied franchise and has been a focal point of the team’s coaching search from the beginning.

Los Angeles Lakers

Preliminary Discussions and Future Plans

The Lakers have already initiated preliminary contact with Dan Hurley, with sources indicating that discussions are set to intensify in the coming days. Despite interviewing several other candidates, Hurley has remained at the forefront of their search. Lakers vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka and governor Jeanie Buss are eager to discuss their vision with Hurley, emphasizing how his tactical acumen and elite player development could align perfectly with the Lakers’ brand.

Achievements and NBA Aspirations

Hurley has built a dominant program at UConn, leading the team to back-to-back NCAA national championships. His coaching style, characterized by strong tactical knowledge and a focus on player development, has caught the attention of the Lakers’ front office. Hurley has often spoken about his ambition to coach in the NBA, making this potential partnership with the Lakers an intriguing prospect.


TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Targeting Dan Hurley: The Los Angeles Lakers are focusing on UConn’s Dan Hurley as their next head coach, preparing a significant contract offer.
  2. Coaching Success: Hurley has led UConn to back-to-back NCAA national championships, showcasing his tactical acumen and player development skills.
  3. Strategic Fit: The Lakers believe Hurley’s coaching style aligns perfectly with their vision, aiming to marry his success with their storied franchise.

Bottom Line

The Los Angeles Lakers are making a bold move by targeting UConn’s Dan Hurley as their next head coach. With his impressive track record and proven ability to develop players, Hurley could bring a fresh and dynamic approach to the Lakers. Fans and analysts will be watching closely as this potential partnership develops, hopeful that it could usher in a new era of success for the storied franchise.

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