Luke Glendening makes Jeremy Davies turtle after cheap shot on Valtteri Filppula [VIDEO]

If there's one constant regarding hockey players, it's that they look out for their teammates, and respond when one is the victim of a questionable hit.

Nashville Predators defenseman Jeremy Davies hit Detroit Red Wings forward Valtteri Filppula awkwardly against the team bench, causing the veteran to fall to the ice in pain. What's worse, it was a late hit.

Enter Glendening – though it was clear that Davis wasn't in the mood to answer for his cheap hit.

We certainly know all about turtling here in the Motor City, as the infamous Claude Lemieux did so when Darren McCarty doled out some well-deserved justice back on March 26, 1997. While this wasn't quite the same, we're happy to see Glendening stand up for his teammates.


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