Lynn Henning: Brad Ausmus was never in danger of being fired

On Sunday night, the Detroit Tigers ended their 8-game skid with a come from behind win over the San Diego Padres. With the victory, the Tigers avoided bragging rights for dead last in the American League.

Now, as I have gone on record in saying, managers (in my opinion) have only a small percentage to do with the success of a Major League Baseball team. That being said, just because a manager may not play as big a role as some think, they should still be held accountable.

In this case, we are talking about Tigers manager Brad Ausmus. Is Ausmus responsible for the fact the Tigers are struggling this season? Nope. But that does not mean he is doing a good job.

When the Tigers dropped their 8th consecutive game on Saturday, I wrote a piece titled, “Dear Detroit Tigers: Please leave Brad Ausmus and Al Avila in San Diego.” I wrote the piece for a couple of reasons. First, it is clear that what the Tigers are doing is not working and though it may not be Brad's fault, he has to go ASAP. Second, it has been made clear that the Tigers are going into a rebuilding phase and it pains me to think that Al Avila is going to be the architect.

This morning, as I scrolled through Twitter hoping to see that Ausmus was fired, I came across a piece by Lynn Henning of The Detroit News. In his piece, Henning claimed not only that Ausmus was not going to be fired, but that he was never in hot water to begin with.

From The Detroit News:

In fact, Ausmus wasn’t in danger. The Tigers don’t believe their manager is their weak link. His boss, Tigers general manager Al Avila, doesn’t buy it, and neither does Tigers owner Chris Ilitch.

And they’re right.

Wait, what?!? Ausmus was never in danger?

I tried to reach out to Henning to see if this was just his opinion or if he got that from the horse's mouth but he has not replied.

If what Henning said is true, I warn you that we have some rough waters ahead!