Lynn Henning’s Twitter comments don’t sit well with David Price

UPDATE: Henning apologizes on Twitter

The Detroit Tigers are in Boston, prepping for arguably the most important series of their season. One that will likely determine if they’re buyers or sellers at the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline. Less than 2 hours before first pitch, most players are doing final preparations for the game. Most players, however, are not David Price.

Price pitched in Thursday afternoon’s loss to the Seattle Mariners, and just before the series opener at Fenway Park, let out some frustration after a Detroit News writer made some ignorant and assuming comments about the Tigers ace.

A tweet from old, washed up, and clueless Lynn Henning is what started the whole brigade.

Henning has worked at the Detroit News for years covering a boat load of different topics, including the Tigers. He’s arguably the worst sportswriter in the city and after tweeting about how David Price acted in what could have been his last home start for Detroit, the Tigers star responded.

Yikes. For the record, I’ll back Price 100%. Sportswriters love to assume controversy when the majority of the time there is none. In this case, Henning is doing absolutely nothing but ruffling feathers and being a complete asshole at the same time. Get over yourself, Lynn. And please retire yesterday.

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At the same time, Price’s focus should be elsewhere with under an hour until 1st pitch. While he’s without a doubt the most active Tiger on the social media site, Twitter has been proven to be nothing but problems for athletes on gamedays. A response could have waited.

Earlier in the day, Miguel Cabrera fired back at FOX2 reporter Ryan Ermanni.

To say the Tigers are frustrated would be an understatement. The next week should be interesting, to say the least.

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