Magic Johnson calls out LeBron James for tanking Lakers chances in 2021-22

If you have been following along with the NBA this season, you are well aware that there has not been a bigger disappointment than the Los Angeles Lakers.

Yes, I am talking about the Lakers team that is led by LeBron James and the collection of players that he thought would help him to win another NBA Championship.

Well, James was very wrong as the Lakers are currently sitting at 31-47 and it looks like they will be left out of the NBA Playoffs.

During a recent appearance on ‘Get Up', Magic Johnson called out LeBron for tanking the Lakers' chances in 2021-22.

Via FanSided:

“DeRozan wanted to play for the Lakers, and when I got the call from his agent, I called the Lakers and said, ‘Hey, he wants to come home,’ and DeRozan could have been a Laker instead of a Bull,” Johnson explained on ESPN’s Get Up. “We could have made that deal. But when Russell and LeBron and them started talking, that’s when they nixed that deal and went with Westbrook, and he became a Laker instead of DeRozan.”

“And I think with DeRozan, and then you had a chance to keep the role players—[Alex] Caruso, [Kentavious Caldwell-Pope] KCP—all those guys who are our best defenders, they left. And that’s why we were a bad defensive team. But if you sign DeRozan, you only trade [Kyle] Kuzma for Buddy Hield, we would be playing in the Western Conference championship this year.”

Nation, who do you blame for the Lakers' disappointing season?