Major brawl erupts during Angels vs. Mariners game [Video]

WHOA! There are bench-clearing brawls that equate to nothing more than a bunch of grown men in baseball games dancing with each other but that clearly is not what happened on Sunday as the Los Angeles Angeles hosted the Seattle Mariners.

As you are about to see, the Mariners were not happy at all after Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz plunked Jesse Winkler on the opposite side of his tinkler (sorry, had to do it) and all hell broke loose.

Plenty of punches were thrown and there will no doubt be suspensions on the horizon.

Check it out.

Of course, Winkler made sure to toss the double bird to the crowd as he left the field.

As noted by Ryan Field, “Ironically enough, it was also the Angels and Mariners brawling in “The Naked Gun!”

One Angels pitcher figured it would be a great idea to chuck an entire box of sunflower seeds toward the Mariners dugout.

As you will see, he came up short of his target.


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