Marshall Faulk has Detroit Lions ‘in’ the 2016 NFL Playoffs

The NFL GameDay crew conducted a segment yesterday titled ‘Who’s in, who’s out?

Michael Irvin, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci all took part in a two-part segment regarding the 2016 NFL Playoffs. The first part saw all four guys giving their picks for the teams whom they believe will make the playoffs this year that missed out last. The second portion consisted of each analyst giving a pick for the team they see not making the playoffs. The segment saw each of the four analysts grab the team helmet of the team they believe will make the playoffs this season. That transitioned into having a jersey of the team that they believe won’t make they playoffs being put on a tackling dummy. The respective analyst then saw himself act like a defender by making a tackle on the dummy.

Detroit got some love from former Super Bowl winning running back Marshall Faulk. When Faulk grabbed the Lions’ helmet, the reaction was one of surprise from the rest of the panel and he gave this reason as to why he picked them.

“It’s their time. Calvin Johnson — as great of a receiver as he is — Matthew Stafford got stuck on him. And now you throw Marvin Jones in there, boy, Golden Tate, they have options — Ameer Abdullah in the back, Anquan Boldin. Listen, wherever Anquan goes, the receiver room, they play up, because he demands it.”

It’s always nice to see at least someone given the Lions some love, especially considering how it’s usually more negative than anything when it comes to professional football in the Motor City. Yes, it’s only a prediction, but it’s very encouraging seeing someone have faith in the Lions, even with the departure of Calvin Johnson from the offense.

The point Faulk made about Boldin was legit.

He really does make the group around him better and with names like Jones and Tate being apart of the receiving corps, that’s scary stuff right there, given the talent they possess. They’re one of the best trios at wide receiver in the entire league with a quarterback that has no issue getting the ball to them.

This Sunday will mark the beginning of the 2016 season for the Lions. Let’s hope Detroit gets the season started off on the right foot with a great team effort in Indianapolis, instead of stubbing their toe and wondering what went wrong.

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