Marvin Jones Jr. believes 2023 Detroit Lions have talent to make playoff run

Marvin Jones Jr. spoke to the media and he believes the Detroit Lions have the talent to make a run in the NFL Playoffs.

Marvin Jones Jr.'s return to the Detroit Lions has provided him with a unique perspective on the team's potential. He acknowledges the palpable excitement and discussions surrounding the Lions, which he considers unprecedented. Having experienced a similar scenario with the Jacksonville Jaguars last season, Jones recognizes the correlation between the Lions' remarkable turnaround and the Jaguars' surge that propelled them to the playoffs.

Marvin Jones Jr. Detroit Lions

Marvin Jones Jr. believes 2023 Detroit Lions have talent to make playoff run

Jones' insights and belief in the Lions' capabilities hold significance for both the team and its fanbase. His comments amplify the growing optimism surrounding the Lions, as they are now considered the favorites to win the NFC North. By drawing parallels between the Lions and the Jaguars' previous season, Jones instills confidence in the team's ability to overcome adversity and push for a playoff berth.

“You step outside, everybody’s talking about (the Lions). There’s definitely a big buzz — a buzz that I haven’t really seen here,” he told Tim Twentyman on the latest episode of “Twentyman in the Huddle.”

“The trajectory of our seasons last year was kind of the same. After our loss to us,” Jones said, referring to the Jaguars blowout loss to the Lions in Week 13, “I don’t think we lost a game after that and we got into the playoffs, got the division, got the home playoff game in which we won.”

“It would be insane. Obviously that’s a goal, but it starts here. It starts in our preparation and what we do. Obviously we have the pieces, talking about last year and how they finished but this is a new year. There is that expectation but we have to put in that work and that’s what we’re doing now,” Jones said.

Bottom Line – A Playoff Push Within Reach

While acknowledging the immense challenge ahead, Marvin Jones Jr. emphasizes the importance of preparation and hard work. He recognizes that the team possesses the necessary pieces to achieve success but acknowledges the need for relentless effort and commitment. Jones' belief in the team's potential serves as a rallying cry for the Lions as they strive to build upon their previous season's accomplishments.