Matt Patricia’s comments on Detroit Lions head coach for Week 15

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Just moments ago, news broke that Darrell Bevell will not be coaching the Detroit Lions on Saturday after being deemed a close contact to somebody who tested positive for COVID-19.

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Replacing Bevell will be wide receivers coach, Robert Prince.

Here is what former Lions’ head coach Matt Patricia had to say about Prince earlier in the year when he was asked why he kept him on staff when he took over and why he remains on the staff.

From South Florida Tribune:

On why he kept Wide Receivers Coach Robert Prince on staff when he took over as coach and even now: “‘R.P.’ – he’s awesome. I mean I love him; I love the way he coaches; I love his energy. He’s super smart, very intelligent, understands the offense. He’s been in a lot of different schemes. He’s great with the players. I think he really develops players, he makes his players better, which as a coach, is what you want. Just couldn’t be a better person. He’s a great guy, he just truly wants the team to do well, and he wants the players to do well and he’s just all on board. I lean on him a lot. I think the world of him and his family and I’m lucky to have that situation where I can walk in and have such a great coach like that and be able to keep him on my staff and work with him every day. He’s awesome, man. He’s absolutely awesome. He’s one of the best wide receiver coaches in the League. Again, the X’s and O’s, he’s super smart offensively, he handles a lot of things for us in the passing game, and like I said, he really coaches his players hard and he gets them better. It’s been great.”

Prince has been a well-respected part of the Detroit Lions organization for some time now and it is great to see him get this opportunity.

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