Matthew Boyd: Detroit Tigers suspected Boston Red Sox were cheating in 2018

On Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox announced they were “mutually” parting ways with manager Alex Cora following sign-stealing scandals.

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According to pitcher Matthew Boyd, the Detroit Tigers suspected the Red Sox were breaking the rules in 2018.

“We had an inkling that something was going on. Legal or illegal, something was going on,” Boyd said. “So it was just like, ‘Okay, we’re facing Boston. We’re going to go multiple signs and we’re going to just really dial it in.’ And the other guys on the bench are going to focus on, ‘Hey, let’s see if they’re catching you, maybe you’re tipping your glove.’ While we’re pitching, keep eyes over there and see what they’re looking at.

“Do they have something on each of us? Is their video footage better? You don’t know if it’s legal or illegal, but it doesn’t really matter. They have extra eyes on us, what are the precautions we’re going to take to win this ballgame? And that was one of the clubs that we heard was like that, so you go in there and prepare for it.”


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