Matthew Stafford has gained my trust, he should have yours too

Note: The views expressed in this EDITORIAL do not necessarily reflect the views of Detroit Sports Nation or a majority of its writers and should not be misconstrued as such. The views contained within are the views of the author and the author alone. 

When the Detroit Lions drafted Matthew Stafford with the first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, I shook my head. Sure the Lions needed a quarterback in the worst way, but after watching Stafford play in college, his accuracy concerned me. My thought was he would end up being an average to slightly above average NFL quarterback and that he would never lead any team to the Super Bowl, much less the Lions.

Prior to the 2015 season, Stafford had done little in his first seven seasons in the league to make me change my mind. In fact, he had pretty much proven my point that he was nothing more than a slightly above average quarterback. When somebody would ask me how I feel about Matthew Stafford I would reply with the same thing every time.

“I support him and want him to succeed, but he is consistently inconsistent and I can’t see the Lions winning a Super Bowl with him as the starting quarterback.”

Now you may be reading this and thinking to yourself about what Stafford has done to make me change my mind. After all, last season almost perfectly summed up the former Georgia Bulldog’s time in the NFL. During the first half of the 2015 season, he was awful and in the second half he looked unstoppable. ‘Consistently inconsistent’, right?

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Ladies and gentlemen, John Matthew Stafford has finally gained my trust. I have finally seen the light, and let me tell you, it’s beautiful. It’s radiant!

Since the Lions fired Joe Lombardi and promoted Jim Bob Cooter to offensive coordinator, Stafford has shined bright and has given us a preview of what could be if the Lions coaching staff continues to coach to his strengths.

When I think of the relationship between Cooter and Stafford, I compare it to a piece of poetry that just seems to flow from start to finish. Then, when you are finished reading it, it actually makes sense. Nothing fancy, nothing written in code, just perfection.

Is this a prediction that Stafford will lead the Lions to a Super Bowl? Of course not. Football is the ultimate team game and if the right players are put in place around him (OFFENSIVE LINE!), we could be looking forward to some good times in a city that could use some good times.

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