Matthew Stafford has head-scratching answer to question about best WR he’s played with

When Matthew Stafford was selected by the Detroit Lions as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, he was immediately put on a team with one of the greatest wide receivers ever to play in the National Football League. That wide receiver, of course, is Hall of Famer, Calvin Johnson. So, there is no question about it that Stafford believes Calvin is the best wide receiver he has ever played with, right? Well, he was recently asked that question and he gave a head-scratching answer.

Who did Matthew Stafford say is the best wide receiver he has ever played with?

During a recent interview with Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, Stafford was asked the question point blank. “Who is the best wide receiver you have played with?”

Take a look at Stafford's response as he debates whether the best wide receiver he ever played with is Calvin Johnson or Cooper Kupp.

“That’s a really tough question,” Stafford said. “I would say, out of the box, you open up a toy out of the box, CJ is what you’re looking for. 6-foot-5, 240, 4.3, jump out the gym. All of that. Unbelievable player, Hall of Famer, all that. Cooper, not the same out-of-the-box player, but I have unbelievable chemistry with him and I spend so much time with him, we work so hard together on trying to get this thing going in the right direction.”

“As far as best I’ve ever played with, they’re too different to me. They’re too different. I can’t say either way. I know that both are wildly different players, but I don’t know man, I love playing with both of them. Cooper, won a Super Bowl with that dude, had some unbelievable moments in the playoffs with that guy. Just an unbelievable teammate of mine and a great player.”

Ramsey: “We’re gonna go with Cooper then.”

Stafford: “Yeah, we’ll go with Cooper. We’ll go with Cooper.”

Via The Rams Wire

You know Stafford wanted to say Calvin Johnson is the best

Matthew Stafford

As I watch the video above, it is very apparent to me that Matthew Stafford REALLY wants to just admit that Calvin Johnson is the best wide receiver he has ever played with.

That being said, Stafford's current go-to guy is Cooper Kupp, so that is who he went with.

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