Matthew Stafford’s wife emphasizes what Detroit Lions will lose if they lose her husband

As the 2020 season has moved along, more and more people have jumped on the “trade Matthew Stafford” bandwagon.

I am not one of those people (editorial coming soon) as I believe Stafford is the heart and soul of the Detroit Lions‘ franchise.

Following Sunday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, Stafford’s wife Kelly took to Instagram to emphasize a tweet from a fan explaining exactly what the Lions will be losing if/when they lose Matthew as their quarterback.

“If/When we lose Matthew Stafford we will lose more than his arm (which is special).. We will lose an attitude that specific to Matthew Stafford – A “never quit” attitude or “play when injured” attitude. His team needs him and he won’t let them down.”

Nation, do you think the Lions should move on from Matthew Stafford?

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Will Amon-Ra St. Brown remain on the field in two-wide receiver sets?

5 thoughts on “Matthew Stafford’s wife emphasizes what Detroit Lions will lose if they lose her husband”

  1. Keep.Matthew Stafford where his is.QB for the Lions..fix the obvious holes in the defense.Draft a. QB to learn behind Matt.but there is more help needed everywhere.


  2. If I was running the show Stafford would definitely stay as my QB! The offense can score with him under center. All of the receivers needs to start catching the dam ball better and stop dropping the ball. The defense needs a bit of retooling. We literally have no pass rushers.

  3. It would be a Sad day if the Lions were to move on from Matthew Stafford. As it states above he embodies the “heart and soul” of Detroit with his never say die attitude and his love for the game which drives him to play hurt. So hurt sometimes many of us would stay home from work if we were hurt that bad. News of him leaving would be a dark day as a Lions fan. Very close to the same darkness when news of Barry’s retirement came out. Matthew a true fan can see your dedication to this team and city. I am one hoping to see you get that ring in Detroit.

  4. I like Stafford . He’s a warrior. But his wife needs to stay out of the teams business. Good luck to the organization that has to deal with her next.

  5. They pay him so much money that there’s not enough money left to hire other decent players. Stanford can’t carry the team as evidenced by how much they suck. TheyBe become the Cincinnati Browns in terms of humiliation. I was a lifelong Lions supporter and hope to be again one day, but I’m embarrassed to wear my lions apparel. Get rid of staffers, get a cheaper qb, and hire other players. Rebuild the team from the ground up. It does no good to have a great QB4” if the team is losing horribly.

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