Maybe Golden Tate could help the Detroit Tigers

Former Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate is off to a nice start with the Port Angeles Lefties, maybe he could help the Detroit Tigers!

In case you have not yet heard, former Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate, who is now 33, is giving professional baseball a shot as he recently signed a contract to play for the Port Angeles Lefties out of the West Coast League.

In his first game with the Lefties, Tate, who started his debut in centerfield was 2-for-4 with an RBI double and a stolen base and he was at it again on Wednesday night.

Take a look as Tate rips a game-tying, two-run double in the bottom of the ninth inning for the Lefties.

Maybe Tate could give the Detroit Tigers a boost (kidding but not kidding) as they are without a doubt the worst offensive team in Major League Baseball.

Through his first two games with the lefties, Tate is batting .429 with a pair of doubles and three RBIs.

Golden Tate gives pro baseball a shot

Golden Tate signed with the Lefties on Tuesday and he is off and running as he gives baseball a shot.

From West Coast League:

“I am extremely thankful,” Tate said, “to the West Coast League and the Port Angeles Lefties for allowing me to join their league. As some might know, I was drafted twice in baseball. As a child, my first love was baseball, so I’m excited about the opportunity to compete against some of the best young players in the league. I look forward to having a lot of fun and exploring baseball more.”

“We’re all excited to see Golden wearing a Lefties uniform,” West Coast League Commissioner Rob Neyer said. “Considering his ties to the Pacific Northwest and his tremendous NFL career, we know our fans will love watching him. And his teammates will certainly benefit from seeing how hard a world-class athlete works toward the same thing they’re all working toward: a professional baseball career.”

“We’re looking forward to Golden joining the Lefties,” said owner Matt Acker, who brought the Lefties to Port Angeles in 2017. “Having an elite athlete around, one who’s competed on the world’s biggest sports stage, is special. His passion for this sport, plus his competitiveness, work ethic, humility, and desire will be contagious to our players and opponents. We see this as a unique opportunity for the Port Angeles Lefties, the West Coast League, and for Golden.”

The last time Golden Tate played in an organized baseball game was back in 2009 at Notre Dame.


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