Media outlet harshly calls out former Tigers P Justin Verlander

They made no bones about how they felt about this situation!

News broke earlier this week that former Detroit Tigers pitcher Mike Fiers spilled the beans on the Houston Astros allegedly using an electronic system to steal opposing team signs, aka cheating.

Media outlet 12UP decided to go after current Astros and former Tigers ace Justin Verlander for his silence on the issue, despite his willingness to speak out about a variety of other subjects.

Check out what they had to say.

“So, what’s happened here, Justin? Evidence is mounting that illicit steps were being taken to ensure an Astros advantage throughout your 2017 title-winning season, the only year of your career to end with confetti. Whether you speak now or forever hold your peace, I already know what the video has branded you.

In your own words, my issue is I don’t like being lied to.”

Is 12Up right to call out JV over his silence over this major issue?