Mel Tucker has perfect answer when asked about Ohio State as a measuring stick

The Michigan State Spartans are fresh off their victory Saturday over Maryland, and are now prepping for a top-ten showdown against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

As far as any kind of measuring stick is concerned, don’t expect Tucker to be comparing his team with that of Ohio State’s.

“If you’re asking if Ohio State is the measuring stick, the measuring stick is the standard that I have for the team,” Tucker said. “It doesn’t have anything to do with Ohio State or anyone else.”

Michigan State is looking to build off their win Saturday that saw them improve to 9-1 so far in 2021 and further add to Tucker’s legend. For the second year Spartans coach, it’s about something bigger.

“This is not rec ball. We’re playing for something here,” he explained he told his players.

Regardless of how they see the Buckeyes compared to themselves, there’s no denying that Saturday afternoon will be a major challenge.

“We put ourselves in a position to play meaningful games in November, and we have a challenge ahead,” Tucker explained.

The Spartans and Buckeyes will kick-off Saturday starting at noon from Columbus.

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