The merry go ’round continues: Report confirms Detroit Tigers ‘Spring Training 2.0’ destination

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If you bought a ticket for the Major League Baseball merry go ’round, you are in luck because your ride has been extended.

After passing along reports that the Detroit Tigers would hold their ‘Spring Training 2.0’ at Comerica Park, and then pivoting when a report surfaced that they would get ready for the 2020 season in Lakeland, FL., we now have final confirmation (we think) from Chris McCosky of the Detroit News.

Following the announcement on Tuesday night that the MLBPA had agreed to a 60-game season, McCosky tweeted out that the Tigers will be holding training camp in Detroit, with Toledo as an alternate site, possibly. (He had to throw ‘possibly’ in there, didn’t he!?!?)

Players are expected to report to Detroit on Wednesday or Thursday with training camp officially beginning on July 1. Opening Day, according to Major League Baseball, is currently slated for July 23 or 24.


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