Michael Brockers explains why Aidan Hutchinson should be NFL Rookie of the Year

Detroit Lions DL Michael Brockers has played with, and against, quite a few edge rushers during his NFL career, so one would imagine that he knows what a great rookie looks like. Speaking of great rookies, Aidan Hutchinson, despite getting off to a bit of a slow start, ended up having a very good rookie campaign in Detroit. During a recent interview, Brockers explained why he believes Hutchinson should win the Rookie of the Year Award.

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Michael Brockers explains why Aidan Hutchinson should win Rookie of the Year

Though Brockers did note that he is biased because he is Hutchinson’s teammate, he also gave a pretty good argument for why Hutch should “win the crown.”

“Me, biasedly obviously, I think he should win the crown because just look at how much he—he rushes the pass really well, he drops in coverage, caught a bunch of interceptions this season, made plays,” Brockers said. “He’s always around the ball. He made an impact when he was in the game. I just think (he’s an) all-around player who just made an impact while he was on the field. I think he did at that while being a rookie.

“I tip my hat off to him, because (defensive coordinator) Aaron Glenn’s defense is not an easy defense to learn, and especially if you’re rushing the passer sometimes and you’re dropping sometimes. I just tip my hat to the guy. He’s a hell of a player. He was a great rookie. I can say that, and he has a long career ahead of him.”

The Big Picture

In reality, Hutchinson did have a very nice rookie season in Detroit, but Sauce Gardner of the New York Jets will almost certainly walk away with the award. During his rookie campaign, Gardner was amazing, and he is already considered to be one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, regardless of experience. Most sportsbooks have already pulled down the odds for NFL Rookie of the Year because Gardner is such a lock to win the award.

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