Michael Brockers takes to Instagram, thanks Detroit

The Detroit Lions made it official on Friday that they are moving on from veteran defensive tackle, Michael Brockers. Brockers, who also served as a team captain, only played sparingly in 2022 for the Lions, and by cutting him, the team will save $10 million in cap space, which can be used to sign other players. The move was not entirely unexpected, as the Lions are looking to rebuild their roster and free up cap space for new acquisitions. After the news broke, Brockers took to Instagram to thank Detroit and express his gratitude for the time he spent with the Lions.

“It was an honor Detroit,” Brockers posted on his Instagram story.

Michael Brockers Detroit Lions

Why it Matters for Detroit Lions and Michael Brockers

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The decision to cut Michael Brockers is a significant move for the Lions, as it will open up a substantial amount of cap space. The team is looking to rebuild its roster and make some big moves in the offseason, and the $10 million saved by cutting Brockers could be a significant step towards achieving those goals.

For Brockers, the move raises questions about his future in the NFL. At 32 years old and with 11 seasons under his belt, Brockers is certainly no spring chicken. It will be interesting to see if he signs on with another team in need of a veteran defensive tackle or if he decides to retire from the NFL altogether.

Michael Brockers Detroit Lions

What's next for Michael Brockers?

If Michael Brockers does decide to retire, there has been speculation that the Lions could hire him as an assistant defensive line coach. Brockers has been praised for his leadership and knowledge of the game, and he could make a great addition to the coaching staff.

If Brockers decides to continue his playing career, there may or may be a market for his services. Despite his age, he could still have some gas left in the tank. He could be an excellent addition to any team in need of a veteran defensive tackle.

In the end, the decision to cut Brockers was a business move for the Lions. While it is always tough to see a beloved player and team captain leave, the move was necessary for the team's long-term success. As for Brockers, his future in the NFL remains uncertain, but he has certainly left his mark on Detroit and will be remembered fondly by Lions fans and his former teammates.

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