Michael Lorenzen has a HILARIOUS reaction to being named an All-Star

Michael Lorenzen definitely didn't think he was being called into Hinch's office to be told he was an All-Star, it's funnier than that.

When you're a nine-year MLB vet, you know how things work. You know when the manager calls you into a meeting it can go a certain number of ways. Earlier, manager A.J. Hinch relayed to MLB Radio the hilarious way in which Detroit Tigers All-Star representative, Michael Lorenzen, reacted to the news of being named an All-Star.

Michael Lorenzen by the numbers

Lorenzen was signed this offseason to a one-year contract, and given his durability and performance, is definitely on the trade block for the August 1 deadline. It'll be nice to see him repping the Old English D in Seattle next week.

This season:

  • Lorenzen is striking out nearly seven batters per nine innings and only walking two.
  • He's pitched to a 4.28 ERA and a 4.33 FIP, for a 0.8 WAR
  • He has 62 strikeouts in 82 innings and only carries a 1.17 WHIP.
  • He ranks in the 85th percentile for walk percentage.
Michael Lorenzen

The bottom line

Lorenzen has been quite decent for the Tigers this season and was rewarded with an All-Star selection. While it's not earth-shattering, and more a product of every team needing representation, the fact that Lorenzen thought he was being traded as opposed to making the All-Star team is quite hilarious. Good luck in Seattle next week Michael, enjoy the experience.


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