Michigan assistant Luke Yaklich’s wife, Amy, shuts down Rumors, Jeff Moss

Michigan basketball was dealt quite the blow when John Beilein revealed he was abruptly leaving the Wolverines to become the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Beilein leaving was bad enough for Michigan but the question was, what kind of effect would it have on other staff members in the program, specifically, assistant coach Luke Yaklich.

Yaklich joined the Wolverines prior to the 2017-2018 season and he immediately made a huge impact on defensive end of the court. In fact, Michigan had he No. 6 scoring defense during the 2017-2018 season and the No. 2 scoring defense during the 2018-2019 campaign.

Michigan would clearly love to keep Yaklich around as an assistant coach to newly hired head coach Juwan Howard, but there have been rumors that he will not be back.

One of those rumors came from local blogger Jeff Moss, who claims to have a source that has indicated to him that Yaklich is leaving the Wolverines.

Shortly after the report from Moss, Luke Yaklich’s wife, Amy, caught wind of the tweet and immediately shut it down.

Moss then responded, doubling down on his initial tweet by offering to donate $100 (not exactly a confident bet) to Amy’s favorite charity if his source turns out to be incorrect.

Amy Yaklich then dropped the mic on Moss by explaining respectfully explaining to him the situation currently going on.

“Sir, it’s no secret that we have options, but until we hear all the options no decision will be made. So what I’m telling you is simply that your information is presently incorrect. However, my students at the Saline Young Adult program would not turn away any donation!”

To be fair, Moss has ended up being correct on quite a few things he has reported (including Juwan Howard’s contract details), so do not be surprised if he source comes through on this one too.

That being said, it sounds as if the Yaklich’s are still weighing all of their options.

Written by Arnold Powell

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