Michigan coach Juwan Howard doesn’t want a “pity party” following two straight defeats

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The Michigan Wolverines didn’t get the result they were looking for on Sunday, dropping a 77-63 decision to their arch-rival Ohio State Buckeyes and extending their winless streak on the hardwood in Columbus to six straight years.

Franz Wagner led all Wolverines with 18 points and 10 rebounds, while Zavier Simpson added 12 points and seven assists.

It was the final six minutes that spelled the downfall for Michigan, as the Buckeyes would only miss two shots from that point on.

Afterwards, head coach Juwan Howard talked about the resilience his team will display despite two straight losses to Big Ten opponents in Ohio State and Wisconsin.

“We won’t go into a hole and start hiding,” he explained. “We won’t ask for a pity party. Our main objective is is to figure out solutions and figure out how to be better. I trust that we’ll get back on track.”