Michigan DE Aidan Hutchinson calls out school president, Big Ten commissioner

The Big Ten has announced that the 2020 football season, due to concerns regarding COVID-19, has been postponed with the hope of holding it in the spring.

That decision has plenty of people upset, including many players from Big Ten teams.

One of those players is Michigan DE Aiden Hutchinson, who recently called out both his own school's president, Mark Schlissel, and Big Ten commissioner, Kevin Warren.

“I'm infuriated…our president voted (no) when I've never seen that guy in my 3 years at Michigan,” Hutchinson said on Marty Smith's America The Podcast.

Hutchinson later added that it does not make much sense that the Big Ten commissioner's son will be playing college football at Mississippi State, while cancels the season in his own league.

“I think it's unfair that Kevin Warren the Big Ten commissioner is canceling the Big 10 season yet his son will be playing football at Mississippi State this year…that doesn't quite make sense,” Hutchinson said.

Nation, does Hutchinson and other players and coaches around the league have a beef? Or, did the Big Ten powers that be make the correct call to postpone the season?