BREAKING: Michigan DL Rashan Gary’s mother gives update on his injury

Heading into the 2018 season, the hope was that Rashan Gary would absolutely dominate on the defensive side of the ball for the University of Michigan.

Unfortunately, because of a shoulder injury, Gary has been sidelined and his return to action has remained unknown, at least to the public.

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After news broke last week that Ohio State All-American Nick Bosa was withdrawing from school to focus on getting healthy for the NFL, rumors started circulating that Gary could be the next to follow on that path.

On Wednesday morning, Gary’s mother Jennifer Coney-Shepherd took to Facebook to put a stop to those rumors and to update her son’s health.

From 247 Sports:

“Rashan & (sic) I appreciate your support,” she posted. “He got hurt a week b4 the Notre Dame game. However, he decided that he could play through it & rehab during the week. However, at UM its all or nothing and daily practice is just like a he never had the chance to rest..then the last game he played he fell on it and the pain was unbearable. After MRI & CT Scan he was told that if he DID NOT rest, treatment, rehab and continued to play (4 to 6 weeks). The next time he may need surgery.

“So…he followed medical direction, and he’s feeling so much better. To play before that time would be detrimental to himself & a disservice to his team mates. So why would people say he’s quitting football because he has to heal?”

“My son is an (sic) always will be a warrior,” she continued in her post. “My son is a Wolverine! He has pride in himself, his team & his academics & until Michigan plays their last game he will be a part of the team. He will however, not participant until he is fully recovered.”


Predicting the winner of the Detroit Lions final 10 games

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions dealt with the heat just fine as they went on the road and defeated the Miami Dolphins 32-21.

With the victory, the Lions are now 3-3 and within striking distance of first place in the NFC North.

Looking ahead, the schedule looks a bit demanding and depending on whether or not they can navigate the storm will dictate if the Lions can make run at the NFC North crown.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look a how I believe the Lions final 10 games will go.

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